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FAQ - Frequently Asking Questions

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  • What is TextoVisia all about ?

    Textovisia is a website where you can paste any content for easy sharing.
    Textovisia is the best free sharing paste text service with top quality content, photos, videos for free !
    We gives you the opportunity to get paid at highest payout rates.

  • Who can see my links ?

    Only registered users can see your user profile and content. Unless, if your links has been shared on other websites or social networks.
    To hide links so that only you can see, you can make them private.

  • How to turn my links into clickable links ?

    To transform your url into a link you must paste your link and separate with space or new line.
    Once your link created you can click on it and edit to choose a Name or if you want it to open in a new window.

  • How to add keywords to get more earnings ?

    To ensure a better experience for our users and allow them to find your links more easily, you must insert tags in each of your content that you publish.
    To add tags you must go to the TAGS field. Each tags you add must be separated by a comma.
    So when a user finds your link in search box, you generate views.

  • How Will You Pay Me ?

    We payout via PayPal or Skrill.
    Minimum withdrawal 20$.
    Payments are made every Monday, providing you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount.
    For each payment mode, please enter your email address e.g. user@email.com

  • How much I will earn ?

    Compensation method is CPM.
    For every 1000 views you receive earnings depending on the origin of your visitors.
    We pay our users in every country in the world, no restrictions.
    Please consult our Payout Rates
    (Payment rate may change monthly depending on the country)

  • Can I make a backup of all my links ?

    Before you can back up your content, make sure you have an active password.
    Once in the dedicated page, you must indicate your password and fill in the captcha.